Dr. Mohammed Mohanna Al Mohanna


Dr. Mohammed Mohanna Al Mohanna

King Abdulaziz University



Dr. Al-Mohanna obtained his B.Sc. (1982) from faculty of Marine Sciences , King Abdulaziz University , Jeddah , Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was appointed to the position of administrator in (1983) at faculty of Meteorology , Environment and Arid Land . In 1988, he obtained his Ph.D. from University of Wales in Environmental Pollution and was appointed Assistant Professor .                  

Dr. Al-Mohanna has been actively engaged in education, research, consulting  and advisory services in various field of environment aspects. He was a member of the scientific team who was studying extents and impacts of the oil spill in the Arabian Gulf during the Iraqi Kuwait conflict (1991).


  • 1988 : Doctorate degree from ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES , UNIV.COLLEGE OF SWANSEA, WALES UNIVERSITY , سوانزي, بريطانيا


    Research Interests:

    The main stream of Dr. Al-Mohanna research interest is directed toward understanding the influence of different aquatic environmental pollutants. This includes hydrocarbons , Halogenated hydrocarbons and heavy metals effects build-up and depuration as well as other toxicants accumulation in aquatic environment ,sediments and living organisms. His research interest also cover crude oil pollution in open and closed water bodies. As well as his special interest in the environmental awareness activities Dr Al-Mohanna has involved in many programs, aiming to elevate the environmental awareness among Saudis and other Arabian nations.


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